slack slack 1 [slæk] adjective
1. COMMERCE a slack period of time is one with less business activity than usual:

• Business is slack just now.

• The workers feared being laid off (= losing their jobs ) in slack periods.

2. if someone is being slack, they are not taking enough care or making enough effort to do things right:

• The report criticized airport security as “disgracefully slack”.

• High prices and the absence of competition may make firms slack in their use of resources.

— slackness noun [uncountable] :

• the slackness of the London market at present

• The report accuses the government of slackness.

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slack UK US /slæk/ adjective
if business or economic activity is slack, there is less activity than usual: »

He wanted to sell some of his rental homes, but the region's slack economy stopped him.


May was a very slack month for the entire industry.


slack market/demand/sales

slack time/period »

Summer is usually a slack time for energy demand.

something that is slack is not strict or effective enough: »

Experts say that slacker financial controls may be to blame.


There were claims in the media of slack corporate governance.

someone who is slack is not working hard enough or spending enough time or care on something: »

Businesses that shout loudest about delayed payments are often the worst slack payers.

be slack with something »

She's always been a bit slack with her accounts.

slack UK US /slæk/ noun [U]
resources, such as money, people, or time, that are not being used at a particular time: »

At the moment we have very little slack for dealing with emergencies.

slack in something »

Anne and Bill didn't have enough slack in their household budget.

pick/take up slack — Cf. take up slack
slackness noun [U]

There has been some slackness in the labor market this quarter.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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